I, the digital signer, hereby grant and convey to Lyfecycle Marketing. (“Company”), it’s legal representatives and assigns, the exclusive and absolute right and permission to purchase, own, assign, transfer, sell, copyright, use, reuse, publish, republish, exhibit, display, print and reprint in any and all media, and to authorize others to do so, whether in color or black and white, in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, still or moving pictures of me, or artwork depicting me, in whole or in part, whether heretofore created, created this day, or hereafter created, as well as any reproduction thereof, made in any form or manner by Company, its assigns or any authorized entity. Such use may be for any purpose whatsoever including promotion or advertising for Company or the use on products, and I hereby consent to such use in any form or manner in connection with the foregoing at the sole and absolute discretion of Company. All of the marketing activities, including, but not limited to, all advertising, promotional and publicity and any other materials produced here-under, shall be deemed to be “work for hire” under the provisions of the United States Copyright Act and shall be owned exclusively by the Company for all purposes. To the extent that the marketing activities do not constitute “work for hire,” I hereby transfer all rights, title and interest thereto to the Company. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve such use and/or any copy, printed or broadcast matter that may be used in conjunction therewith, and further waive any claim that I may at any time have to eventually use to which same may be applied. Additionally, I hereby warrant, transfer, sell and assign all right, title and interest to the heretofore stated film, video tape, portraits, photographs and/or artwork to Company for the consideration stated herein. I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the Company, and any person or entity acting on its behalf or under its authority, including any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product in part or in whole, from and against any liability as a result of the taking, processing, creation or reproduction of the finished product, its publication or its distribution. I hereby warrant that I am of lawful age to contract and competent to contract in my own name in so far as this Agreement is concerned. I further warrant and intend that this writing is to constitute the exclusive, sole and complete understanding and agreement of the parties and that I am not relying on any other representations or statements, whether oral or written. I knowingly and voluntarily release Company from any and all liability whatsoever for any personal injury or property damage arising from the marketing activities. I further knowingly and voluntarily agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Company from any and all liabilities, damages, claims, demands, causes of action, loss and/or liability (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of my own actions or omissions during the marketing activities. I expressly acknowledge and agree that I am voluntarily participating the marketing activities and that it is my sole responsibility to comply with any and all applicable safety rules, regulations, and/or ordinances. I have read the foregoing release, authorization, and agreement, before affixing my signature below, and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof and do hereby intend and do agree with and consent to all the terms and conditions herein.
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